How to open a dry cleaning shop is better

March 15, 2017

dry cleaners market is very good, make money faster, the industry has ushered in the golden stage of development, a lot of people from all walks of life to join the dry cleaning industry. Dry cleaning chain store location is the top priority, the 50% dry cleaners transfer or closure is due to improper location. A lot of people will say that the choice of the store, of course, the more prosperous the better, but this is not the case. So what should we pay attention to?

1 lot

as the service sector of the shop on the ground, I spotted the local market to enter, the first concern is: dry cleaners open where appropriate. According to the current market situation, a second tier cities in the streets of the dry density of the community has been very high, more new franchise stores are mainly located in three or four cities and counties. This change to the dry cleaning shop location problems brought about by the need to consider more factors.

1, large community

three or four line of the city and county experienced a real estate boom of ten years, a large number of large scale projects built in the open, dry cleaners, dry cleaners as life service, the selection of these newly settled community that can quickly open the market, and these new community stores rent is the core of the city’s low, there are conducive to cost control.

2, large factories, organs

and first the same truth, are concentrated in the location of the traffic flow, open dry cleaning franchise stores, large factories, organs of tourists at a fixed point of time to work, to facilitate the collection of clothing.

3, commercial street

this place has a large number of passengers and merchants gathered, a huge potential market, is the store rent, you can choose multi store rent relatively cheap or underground store.

4, school

in particular, colleges and universities, with a local consumer groups, parents to send students to pick up when the convenience of clothing, but also conducive to the spread of brand reputation.

2 store

store lot is a directional problem, the store is a specific choice of the problem. The size and layout of the right store can Jintuiziru ease. Open dry cleaning stores, store selection should focus on the following issues.

1, store operating area of not less than 30 square meters, the shop width is generally not less than 3.5 meters, to ensure the normal planning of the internal functional areas.

2, shop life is generally 3-5 years is appropriate.


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