Kunming is the first western restaurant to open up the market

March 15, 2017

with the development of economic globalization, Western-style food eaten by people of all ages, set off a new round of business opportunities to create wealth, Xiao Bian here to introduce a Western-style food story for everyone, this is Kunming’s first restaurant, profit space.

now scattered in Kunming from all sides of the restaurant is said to have two hundred or three hundred, which is the first of these restaurants started? This problem by this interview – Billy steak shop owner Wang Xiaoyun answer is again appropriate, because she is not only the business of the witness, or experience people.

1995, of the year of Kunming Western-style food rising sign, Wang Xiaoyun Billy steak founded in that year. Previously, she was born a dashing for the Danish Carlsberg wine agent Xiaoyouchengjiu, frequently flew to the headquarters of Guangzhou purchase Chinese wine. In Guangzhou, she would often visit where the steak and love the taste of Western-style food. According to her daring character, back to Kunming to open a shop Western-style food idea also reasonable. Soon, she made her dream come true. The name for the shop is the name of an American, Billy. Billy was the first person to teach her a real steak. At this time, and later developed very well in Kunming   Qingdao restaurant just to the bar in the form of starting.

before Billy steak and a number of western restaurant first opened, Kunming people rarely have the opportunity to eat Western-style food, although there is a five-star hotel, but the threshold is too high, 98 yuan for a steak with a few people will go to patronize? Billy steak steak is only a 38 yuan, so as can be imagined popularity after the opening of. Plus is a new thing, a small steak shop every day to the consumer is still bustling, petty, white-collar workers, many people think that the consumer is cool.

one hundred percent of life is not so smooth after Everything is going smoothly., once let Wang Xiaoyun have too full confidence on their own, she put all his savings, millions of dollars out in dongjiawan expansion of a larger restaurant, but this time suffered the defeat, not only put all their the capital lost in, also owed a debt. After a few years of Kunming Western-style food sector, is already a thousand sails pass by the side of another scene, as many as hundreds of shops have emerged, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, like   Qingdao this store has been firmly occupy the front row seat. In the most difficult times, Wang Xiaoyun was too downhearted, fell dejected.

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