Mann dessert station details to join quiz

March 15, 2017

here to recommend is a feeling of the dessert to join the brand, capture full of girls heart, it is the Mann dessert station. For some common problems of Mann dessert station to join, make the following introduction here.

a, want to join the operation?

answer: the intention of the shop to provide a specific location, the company’s marketing department to conduct business analysis, in order to determine whether the negotiations appropriate. There is no shop, you need to find their own stores, the company will assist in the investigation.

two, the company must arrange for decoration


answer: the company has a professional decoration team, in order to ensure the quality and safety, as well as the unified image of the store, the decoration company must be home decoration.

three, the raw materials must be ordered from the company?

answer: in order to ensure the quality and taste of the sale, all the raw materials must be ordered in the company, prohibit the purchase of stores.

four, where is the staff training? How long does it take?

answer: staff training in accordance with the project is different from 4-7 days, training in the company headquarters can be carried out.

five, how to conduct product development and support

answer: the company has a professional R & D team, the teacher will arrange overseas teaching. Beverage items will be new every 2-3 months, each quarter price list will be adjusted according to market demand.

six, during the operation, how to manage and support the headquarters of the store?

answer: from opening to operation will get strong support from the headquarters. Training teachers will be in accordance with the needs of the official opening of the day to attend the guidance, the company will be through a variety of channels for brand promotion, so that franchisees benefit from the strong influence of brand popularity.

seven, event planning headquarters to provide any support?

A: the company has specialized in the planning department, where the major holidays will have promotional activities, each product will have a new promotion policy, the company has professional designers, such as specific needs (such as: Anniversary etc.) can directly communicate with their production.

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