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March 15, 2017

do you like coffee? How do you like your coffee? Do you know how to Chinese on this exotic coffee attitude? What about the market prospects of the coffee shop? Look at this group of data, you have the answer.

currently, coffee consumption in Chinese cities, the average annual per capita consumption of coffee is 4 cups, even in Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, the annual consumption per person is only about 20 cups. In Japan and the UK, an average of one cup of coffee per person per day. Japan and the United Kingdom are the world’s famous tea culture, has developed into a huge coffee market. China, which has a strong tea culture, has a broad potential for coffee consumption and is becoming the world’s largest coffee consumer market. In many large and medium-sized city home and place the number of professional coffee every year in the growth rate of about 25%, is expected to 2015 domestic coffee consumption will reach 200 thousand tons, to 500 thousand tons in 2020, be equivalent to Japan’s coffee consumption, then the coffee market Chinese total consumption amounted to $50 billion, from the whole industry chain market space, there will be hundreds of billions of dollars.

in such a cultural context, in such a market environment, habitat coffee came into being. In terms of the future development prospects of habitat coffee, when the following aspects:

a, brand advantage

Chinese nest is our own brand of coffee, with world-renowned Italian coffee culture, absorb the heritage of thousands of years of Chinese catering culture, harmony, pluralism, their beauty, and strive to create the most suitable for Chinese leisure cafes, create a fashion, leisure, and release the third living space for customers love. Nest with its new image and impressive performance in just a few years has won the Hefei famous trademark, famous trademark in Anhui Province, the ten outstanding catering brand, ten gold shop and a number of market brand honor, continuously exposed, Shirupozhu development.

two, unified and standardized operation management model

to create great in the rules, in a unified way to save the heart, in the standardization of professional. To lay a solid foundation after several years of development, in the production and service process, technology development, operation mode, management system, training system, marketing planning, logistics, procurement and distribution aspects of nests have formed a standardized operation process, strong comprehensive strength is a powerful guarantee for the development of investment chain operation. Provide a full range of services for the franchise decoration, equipment, materials, personnel training, marketing, management system.

three, based on quality, quality service people


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