Peng Zaizhen summed up the five diligence Business Law

March 15, 2017

after the shop should be how to operate, each owner in the business process will continue to have their own ideas, but also will continue to sum up more experience. Peng Zaizhen’s shop is located in the city of Pingnan County, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Guigang City, East Street intersection, daily business is very good. Nearly 70 years old, Peng Zaizhen optimistic and cheerful, and friendly neighbors, and the peace, we all affectionately call him "peng". The shop business for many years Peng Zaizhen talked about doing business, the author sums up the "five ground" business method — ear diligence, brains, hands, feet, mouth wash.

ear is the information through


business is done on the basis of information sources. The shop, no matter how busy business, Peng Zaizhen will take time to chat, to ingratiate themselves with customers. Over time, he can learn from the mouth of the customer a lot of valuable market information, but also with different age levels of customers become old friends.

"now it’s not as close as it used to be. In the era of development, information update speed. Good listening can benefit by mutual discussion. Through information, the God of wealth will come." Peng Zaizhen said with emotion.

is the brains of multi


some people think, shop business is nothing more than the purchase, goods and money, in fact, is not so simple, learning big business!" In Peng Zaizhen’s view, the business must be good brains, innovation, improve service methods constantly, in order to adapt to the new situation, to meet the new demand.

last year, Peng Zaizhen shop a new beverage, but sales have been bad, he thought a lot of ways still not effective.

once, an old customer to buy groceries in a supermarket, accidentally driven unsalable goods sales "bonus". Unintentionally, listener. Peng Zaizhen flashed in his mind that he could sell the drinks. So, he played a promotional advertising, a little increase in the price of the more popular peanut oil, with complimentary drinks, a good solution to the headache has long been a problem.

"don’t look at my age, in fact, I also like a young man like to use their brains, everyone praised me energetic!" Peng Zaizhen said proudly.

will increase the benefit of


as the saying goes: "the mouth can ask Kim." As long as the customer enters the door, Peng Zaizhen will warmly greet customers, detailed inquiry of their shopping needs, and patience to explain the characteristics of all kinds of goods, to facilitate customers to buy.

"sometimes, some customers into the store shopping, not necessarily only buy a commodity." Peng Zaizhen said, want to buy cigarettes customers may also need a lighter or chewing gum, want to buy drinks >

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