What are the reasons for the failure of the catering industry

March 16, 2017

what are the reasons for the failure of the catering industry? Since it is a business, lost, as well as operating restaurants, catering business, there are still some easily overlooked, is often the place attracted business failure.

1, the management of food and beverage industry. Do not understand the business positioning, blind opening, accidents repeatedly. Due to poor management, the frequent replacement of the operator or the chef, caused by high input and low product.

2, the operating site is not suitable for restaurants. As a result of the impact of business on the outside world, suffered many complaints, and can not operate normally, or inconvenient transportation, do not have the conditions to attract guests.

3, operating varieties wrong road. Mechanically operating good business varieties, specific and comprehensive analysis do not store the external environment and the technical force, the subjective operating varieties, the No one shows any interest in.

4, operating in all aspects of the specification is not clear requirements. Too arbitrary operators. Not only makes the employees know what to do, but not the new customer demand.

5, dishes unreasonable pricing. Or a price too high to kill, kill or take tourists; the price is too low, the enterprise gross margin is too low, can cause a loss of.

6, contempt for serious service. Operators do not know the relationship between services and operations, services and benefits, did not put the service in an important position in the operation. So that enterprises do not have a good reputation, and gradually lost source.

7, the management system is not perfect, or not through the chapter, useless. Do not purchase, custody clearance, resulting in a large loss of corporate property.

8, operators and employees. The method is simple and crude, blunt, the only way to punish do employee negligence, often caused by the dispute, deserted, enterprises gradually paralyzed.

9, benefit is not good, I do not know the root cause. If not in improving food quality and service quality of work; or high threshold, low standard meal to answer the high standard, the meal is good, just off the guests gone head.

10, the old dining environment, a business model. Do not accept new things, no new ideas, as time passes, the guests will be repeated their doors.

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