Successful entrepreneurs have the hard years

March 16, 2017

the field of entrepreneurship has emerged many successful entrepreneurs who have both ability and political integrity, and behind in their aura has hidden hard years, and it is used to hone the achievements of their brilliant life today.

"+ + intellectual training policy support funding = help business; return business + to start businesses in promoting employment guide venture = +." These two formulas sum up the development model of Zhongxiang’s nationwide entrepreneurship work. The formula is simple, but what about the details? The day before, the reporter approached the famous "labor export demonstration counties", to interpret the vivid story behind the formula.

provide dedicated services for entrepreneurial path automatics

create three-dimensional space, let the flowers bloom everywhere


"Chutian tofu Lang" as an example, the city of Zhongxiang has 47 thousand people go out in soybean processing, can achieve an annual income of nearly 1 billion yuan. Now, to recommend "Chutian tofu

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