Customers want to be trusted by customers

March 16, 2017

in the current era, because of the fierce competition, it is not easy to want to do business easily. However, in fact, it is not as difficult as you imagine, if you really from the customer’s point of view, want to think of the customer, nature can be sought after, get more loyal customers!

district where there are two fish food stalls, a surprisingly good business, a mediocre business. Two family price selling almost, how can there be such a gap? I bought the fish once in two people and found the secret.

the original is that the stall business is good, pay special attention to the details. After the fish kill two people will be very careful to ask the customer is fish or kill fish, and then according to customer requirements to fish. However, a stall will carefully put the fish inside the black stuff clean sheet will also fish and fish bones respectively with two bags, home, fish and fish is the customer, it is also very easy to handle.

another stall is fish and fishbone put together, go home after their separate customers. A stall will ask the customer: "do you eat pickled fish or spicy fish, eat green pepper fish or eat Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil?" Often customers will choose one to buy a generation of fish seasoning, add green onions one or two stall gift. Another stall is the fish condiments in the stalls by the customer to buy or not. In contrast, of course, is the first stall business better than second.

actually, we often have a shop owners do not pay attention to detail. For example, eat and use in the same bag, I have been such a thing by the customer’s criticism. Originally thought that the bag is quite large, packed together does not matter, some customers will not care about, but some customers are particularly concerned about. Later, never put some should not be put in a bag full of stuff together in order to save. Don’t say, this little detail also for many customers praise.

in fact, there are many details of the store business process, an intimate move is likely to usher in customer recognition. In addition to the above details, but also in other aspects of detail services. For example, a rainy day to prepare a set of umbrella bags, remind customers carefully, smile a knowing customers to shop, buy something personally sent out the customer and so on these small details can make the customer mind a hot, we moved to the details, become our loyal customers.

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