What needs to join the car wash shop license

March 17, 2017

join the car wash shop need what material? With the development of the car market, a lot of people have a great interest in joining the car, car wash shop opened need to handle documents and a lot of documents and the handling of different materials need to be prepared is not the same, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, on the way to documents, following small series to introduce you.

bid for the required materials include:

1, written filing application;

2, cleaning beauty station legal representative ID card copy;

3, beauty cleaning station, estate (including rent) proof material;

4, in the name of the unit in the bid to clean the beauty station, the unit shall issue a proxy letter of legal representative;

5, washing sludge removal, disposal procedures and measures;

6, responsibility for production safety;

7, other related materials.

throughout the current automobile service market, automotive beauty industry mostly through the car wash industry to do it, a lot of car beauty shop by car started, will gradually expand the store, add beauty, decoration and other services in the car tire based on its advantages, through a car wash shop started, tend to have stable fixed membership customers have a stable source protection, followed by extension services, can earn more profits.

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