What is the basic process of digital quick printing shop

March 17, 2017

digital quick printing shop is a common choice for many franchisees, because this kind of shops in the application of life more and more widely, the consumer has a great demand for this, so you can consider investment. So if you want to start investing, where do you start? If you are not very clear about the process, learn it quickly.

We must first understand the general situation of the project industry before

the traditional image color, graphic production, advertising design, short version printing technology and digital technology integration, to create the most convenient and most widely used digital printing service network. Business can cover photos, posters, name card, pop calendar, books, albums, greeting cards, postcards, all kinds of documents and stereo image, personalized photo album and other fields, and through the network, the mobile terminal with the entities under the line, the expansion of more new marketing mode, it is just a combination of new push off printing printing mode of two-dimensional code.

The investigation and analysis of market demand of two


1, digital quick printing shop prepress equipment:


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