How much investment Babic steak

March 17, 2017

became the best-selling China steak food has been recognized as one of the Western delicacy a healthy and delicious food, there are a lot of market investment steak franchisees to sell to make money, or that sentence is the election of the brand is the key.

Babic steak customers, many repeat customers, nutrition science in recent years is also Chinese consumers pay more attention to the mainstream consumer trends. Many consumers even for food nutrition is quite proficient in the road. Join Babic steak house, headquarters invited authoritative nutrition experts, as a nutrition consultant, to guide and assist the introduction of "Babic Steakhouse" food products, including raw material selection, process flow and consumption mode. Babic stores nutrition food once launched, will be favored by consumers, then Babic steak jiamengfei

how much?

Babic jiamengfei steak:

Babic steak jiamengfei:

brand franchise fee: 128 thousand yuan

margin: 10 thousand yuan

management fee: 10 thousand

per year

Babic steak stores will take good control of area, and treated according to the different situation of each store and the surrounding consumption and ability. Ensure Babic steak stores store address traffic enough. For Babic franchisees, in order to better the day after the operation, in addition to the investment of money, take advantage of the choice of good store address, is a very important point.

in Babic (babick-steak), a native of Dezhou with American style steak, in the days before the inauguration of President Bush, more of a Dezhou style steak. For the cooking chef Dezhou Austin was invited to Washington, the chef said proudly, "Bush steak is an extraordinary thing!"

(babick-steak) in Babic steak house, you can appreciate the rich American stores in the western United States fully in accordance with local customs and practices, style of decoration, whether dark wooden restaurant is like the Western movie bar shape, there was a rough taste, both distinguished and are simple, it is for business reception, celebration, friends, family, wedding feast of the place, with private banquet hall, is the customer provides a more personalized gathering place.

Xiao Bian had introduced, we believe that for the brand franchise fees are very clear, this is a very promising investment to join the project, if you join this steak Babic interested, please give us a message on our website to see the message below, we will arrange our staff.

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