Henan tea shop to join the training captain Hot Tea, HK Style how to choose

March 17, 2017

what kind of small and medium enterprises in the catering industry is relatively good, what kind of project is more suitable for low-cost investors, tea shop is a good choice for a person. Now we can clearly see that under the influence of the concept of health, the Chinese people are more pursuit of the high quality of consumption, and in the beverage industry to meet the above requirements only milk tea project. Now tea shop training is very popular, of course, people are faced with many choices, which investors have raised this question: Henan tea shop to join the training to choose what is good? The Hot Tea, HK Style Xiaobian feel very good.

Henan milk tea shop to join the training to choose what good? The captain Hot Tea, HK Style stores to meet your tea training needs. Then the training content Hot Tea, HK Style shop to have?


training courses are as follows:

1, tea series of basic knowledge to explain;

2, milk tea equipment, raw materials to explain;

3, tea brewing method;

4 tea, technique demonstration and explanation of


5, milk tea actual operation training;

joined the Hot Tea, HK Style need the following:

1, love the industry, a similar industry and management experience is preferred.

2, store location is reasonable, about 15 square.

3, can accept the management mode of the Hot Tea, HK Style unified headquarters, and actively cooperate with the executive headquarters issued a policy.

4, hard working attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and spirit.

5, sound financial position.

6, with good store resources and local media resources is preferred.

The above is the simple introduction of the

captain Hot Tea, HK Style training and if you join, what other aspects of the problem is not clear about joining please give us a message on our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message.

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