Shanghai Supercomputer Center completed once again speed

March 18, 2017

in many cases, people know that with a computer, you can complete a large number of calculations, can help people save a lot of time, improve work efficiency. The progress of the computer has brought great convenience to people’s lives. In the Zhangjiang comprehensive laboratory facilities big science group, Shanghai Supercomputing Center is a bit special, it set up the first time, but also for other large scientific facilities to provide computing support.

Supercomputer Center in Shanghai is a little cold room, in addition to two rows of computer monitors, only one staff on duty. Due to the implementation of the automated management, regardless of room temperature and humidity, or 24 hours of computer operation, the background can "look" crystal clear.

reporter in a computer running monitoring system to see, at this time the utilization rate of 85.77% CPU, at a glance. In another system, different users with the computing tasks entrusted to represent only a small box riotous with colour, shown in white squares indicate "not in operation".

computer monitoring system has the same queue intuitive display, green and red are calculated, that is the queue, if the Red areas appear an obvious "steep", then there is a short time users submitted a number of tasks waiting for the calculation.

The three main methods of scientific and technological innovation are

theory, experiment and simulation. As the main tool of computer simulation, supercomputers have become the strategic commanding heights for each country. In 2000 the Shanghai Supercomputer Center was established, can look far ahead from a high plane.

as the country’s first Supercomputer Center, its users have spread throughout the country 34 provinces and autonomous regions, the management system and operation mode has become a model of the domestic supercomputer center".

Shanghai Supercomputer Center come out, let people see the progress of science and technology, and formed its own advantages, in the future, Shanghai Supercomputer Center will be applied in many areas, worthy of recognition, will contribute to the scale of data gathering and sharing of the key areas of science.

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