Look at the development of new energy vehicles from Chongqing Lifan Group

March 18, 2017

with the improvement of the economic level in our life, the number of cars is more and more, but the pollution of the environment is not to be underestimated, so new energy vehicles in the market began to operate up. The day before, Chongqing Lifan Group announcement that received the Ministry of Finance issued a decision, because the Lifan passenger vehicle company had produced 2395 new energy vehicles do not comply with the central financial subsidies standards on the promotion of new energy vehicles, the Ministry of finance will not grant of more vehicles, and cancel the central financial subsidy funds Lifan passenger vehicle company in 2016 dial qualification.

also because of a "cheat fill", Chongqing Hengtong bus company of 874 new energy vehicles subsidy has been recovered, and was fined about 60000000 yuan, in 2016 the central government subsidies to cancel the pre qualification.

at the same time, Hua Guan Beijing the Great Wall automobile Polytron Technologies Inc’s future new energy vehicles with an annual output of 50 thousand passenger car project recently won the State Development and Reform Commission, which makes the future automobile become after Beijing new energy automobile Limited by Share Ltd and Hangzhou Yangtze River Passenger Car Co., third new energy passenger car production qualification of enterprises.

insiders said that the subsidy policy is an important factor to promote the China development of new energy vehicle market, and in the face of the subsidy policy in 2020 will withdraw from the reality, the parties to the China new energy vehicle market is expected to have reduced. On the contrary, with the relevant departments of the state to punish fraud and other acts, the industry is expected to be more optimistic.

this just in the end of the "2016 energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Exhibition" has been reflected, including enterprises, automobile parts suppliers and downstream industry chain enterprises enthusiasm, FAW, Dongfeng, Beiqi, Yangtze River and many other future car cars, car companies shows including pure electric, plug-in hybrid and alternative fuel and hundreds of new energy vehicles, the luxury car brand Volvo also brought with automatic driving assistance function XC90 T8 (E drive hybrid) honor version and S60L E drive hybrid vehicle.

Hua Guan and the future of the Great Wall automobile chairman Lu Qun said that as a company specializing in the new energy automotive design, development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, the future car will not copy its own brand of traditional fuel vehicles from the low-end to enter the market of the old, but begin to products with multinational giants standard development, manufacturing, sales and service. "In the field of new energy, we have independent battery, motor, electronic control and other aspects of the core technology, the ability to produce high-quality products."

Lu Group believes that the electric car is a new model, including the body, chassis parts, etc. with the traditional car, must take the electric car to recommend research

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