Small retail store sales promotion of both soft and hard

March 18, 2017

is now a fierce competition in the business, there are still a lot of big shops competitive advantage, relatively speaking, small shops naturally face more business problems. The so-called shopping malls such as the battlefield, whether it is super big business, or small farmers or community convenience stores, are in order to occupy a place in the battle. Although the small retail formats in terms of competitiveness and strength can not be compared with large commercial super, but also has a zero distance contact with consumers, small boat U-turn advantage.

how many businesses retain customers, win the talent shows itself, store profits, businesses are natural and ultimately to a heart, they in the hardware facilities and constantly improve the "color value", with a good image to attract customers; on soft power is also set aside "conservative thought, hidebound" changing ideas. To learn from. So, in the hard and soft power facilities do two pronged, constantly breakthrough wenzhongqiusheng.

one, to mention the image, increase the color value, a new look

because of the operating area and hardware constraints, small shops often give people the impression that crowded, messy, unsanitary, as well as shop trick is not obvious, no characteristics. Master of these defects to change the image as a top priority. First, from the external store waved, Longkou City hundred good supermarket owner Zhu Baihao attaches great importance to the shop. Now a lot of businesses in order to promote their products, retail stores will give free shop, it has its own commodity image, to do door advertising.

but these stores or bad quality, to maintain a short time, damage the image; or the picture is limited, not prominent, did not bring much benefit to their shops. The supermarket is 100 good benefits in a corner of the intersection of ten fingers, Zhu Baihao in order to maximize the value of the shop, he invited professional workers, according to the actual situation of their own shop, a corner of the shop, which is a three-dimensional sense, always on the move can be seen, and there are shop signs light, night in the distance is very obvious. Although in the shop to spend money on investment, but the effect is very obvious.

more than the shop image display is better, the shop also must be very stylish. In particular, cigarettes, but also pay attention to keep clean, good display. Imagine, who will take two dust or damaged, wrinkled cigarette to send it? In order to ensure the quality of cigarettes, do not display and other commodities (such as mixing and washing powder or sauce together to taste). At the same time, the price tag can not be ignored, let the customer into the store to buy cigarettes can at a glance, and quickly make the decision to buy cigarettes.

so keep clean, bright, cigarette specifications display is the focus of the shop owner should always pay attention to the. City Road Baixin supermarket boss Wang Shaofeng has the unique method of cigarette display. For example, some time ago the Mid Autumn Festival, in order to improve his cigarette sales, the "Taishan" brand of all the series

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