Look at the growth history of the clothing brand

March 19, 2017

with the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements of clothing is also more and more high, a lot of new clothing brand recent hot Yin talent shows itself, the brand also gain a lot of fans. So how did the man grow up?

The actual situation is

Yin office as soon as possible to reach, just in time for the morning, the staff share, is the day before the performance of each business supervisor. On the walls of the black and white cultural wall, a monthly sales schedule.

with monthly sales rise, the company founder is shrewd and trustworthy, unyielding but pragmatic character. In the hearts of people born in 1976 in Jiujiang, has been a benchmark figure of Ma Yun, a year ago, he even put up a portrait in his office, the portrait of the face, while Ma Yun, while Fang Jianhua himself. He said, "Ma Yun’s heart is very strong, despite many twists and turns in life, but still maintain passion and a strong heart."

with most of the Internet industry practitioners have beautiful background and excellent background conditions are different, Fang Jianhua’s success is more difficult, more is to rely on him from the grassroots, with practical character and keen sense of accumulated strength.

in the lack of opportunities in a rural way only recommended children want to rise head and shoulders above others

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