Small sweet potato into the city hall operating profit

March 19, 2017

commonly known as sweet potato, taro, sweet potato before in rural areas are generally used to feed the pigs. Now, the change of people’s consumption concept, the pursuit of health, love the whole grains, sweet potato began boarding hall into the "city", welcome and praise for this operator!

2009 a day, a sweet potato food store quietly appeared in the street, the store filled with sweet potato as raw material to develop a variety of leisure snacks, attracting the curiosity of past customers. Responsible for the operation of Wang Bin told reporters that a year, they have opened 10 stores in Chengdu, but also extends to the adjacent area of Chongqing. "We just got a foothold in the industry." Wang Bin said modestly

"sweet potato from farmers to purchase, the purchase price is 0.5 yuan a catty, cheap as long as 0.2 yuan to 0.3 yuan; manufacturers made chips, can be sold for 6 yuan a pound; and the store, the average can be sold for 12 yuan a pound. Throughout the process, the humble small sweet potato prices soared 60 times." Wang Bin said.

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