Top ten brands of cocktails

March 19, 2017

this special cocktail for alcoholic drinks, as the alcohol concentration is not high, and the color is very beautiful, which has a very high position in the big beverage market in china. In short, cocktail is a mixed drink, is made up of two or more than two kinds of wine or beverage, fruit juice, soda, and has a certain nutritional value and appreciation value.

After more than 200 years of development,

cocktail is no longer a simple mixture of several kinds of wine and alcoholic beverages. Although a wide range of different formulations, but are carefully designed by the bartender’s masterpiece, its color, aroma and taste of part-time preparation, containing elegant, ornate, rounded, harmonious taste, colour, smell, feeling, enjoy more comfort. Even the unique right carries the cup shape, simple decoration, not full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. The following together with the small series to see the top ten list of cocktails.

cocktail ten brands list: Rui Australia RIO (NO.1 development, focus on the pre cocktails market China pre cocktails market well-known brands, China low alcohol beverage market, famous brand, Shanghai Barkis Wine Co. Ltd.)

cocktail ten brands list NO.2:Breezer Bingrui (RUM pre international well-known high-end bartender brand, popular global brand wine, rum mixed fruit flavor, the world famous liquor manufacturers, Bacardi Wine Trading Co., Ltd.)

cocktail ten brands list: NO.3 Taki (Dutch black cattle food’s health drinks are one of the country, a great potential for the development of the pre cocktails brand in Guangzhou Darch Biotechnology Co., Ltd.)

cocktail ten brands list NO.4:RedSquare Red Square (domestic bartender industry well-known brands, with excellent taste and innovative products are welcomed, Sino British joint venture, Beijing Shunxing Henry Wu was the Wine Co. Ltd.)

cocktail ten brands list (founded by GBL NO.5:VodkaKick, global brand Co. Ltd. in the UK has two well-known brand fruit flavors bartender, Jinzun Glenn (Shanghai) Wine Co. Ltd.)

cocktail ten brands list NO.6:Growtree (domestic large cypress spring pre cocktails provider, city beverage industry well-known brands, fashion masters, Qingdao cypress spring food Polytron Technologies Inc)

cocktail ten brands list NO.7:Carbonell kapona (the first full cocktail of imported raw materials brands, domestic industry product structure > Cocktail

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