2016 Shanxi will allocate 1 billion 178 million yuan budget to support entrepreneurship

March 19, 2017

this year in order to fully support entrepreneurship, from the central to local, to provide a number of entrepreneurial policies and financial support. The move greatly promote entrepreneurs forward. The day before, Shanxi Province announced in 2016 will be allocated 1 billion 178 million yuan to support employment and entrepreneurship, promote mass innovation, entrepreneurship and employment.

2016 all kinds of employment in the central budget index, employment subsidies budget 1 billion 81 million yuan, for the implementation of government employment policy, especially in promoting Small and micro businesses to absorb laborers employment and promote entrepreneurship employment policy of college graduates, strengthen the occupation training and public employment services, reasonable arrangements for public welfare posts expenditure. In addition, in 2016 the business subsidies budget targets 47 million yuan, for provincial business incubators, provincial business park, college graduates, college graduates spark project management field, college graduates entrepreneurship Park one-time construction project expenditures.

in addition, our province issued in advance of the 2016 employment subsidies budget of 50 million yuan, is to support the implementation of the State Council and the provincial government on the stability of employment and promote the policies and measures of employment, especially in promoting Small and micro businesses to absorb laborers employment and promote college graduates employment policy.

2016, the country will continue to implement the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the spirit of construction, comprehensively promote entrepreneurship support, help different types of business groups to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship, smooth career path. To promote the sustainable development of China’s innovation economy.

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