Xining to carry out the night construction noise inspection for high (medium) candidates escort

March 19, 2017

for the majority of high (in) examination candidates to create a quiet test environment, recently, the city environmental supervision and law enforcement personnel to check the noise pollution at night to focus on the urban construction site, a total of 4 units dispatched vehicles, 36 passengers, 17 check on the construction site, which shut down 2 quasi administrative warning, filing penalties 2. And "110" report of 2 cases. Xining high (middle) test of special action from the beginning of May 20th, continued until the end of the exam in June 23rd. During the period, the college entrance examination in June 7, 8, 9, 3 days, the test in June, 21, 22, 23 days will be carried out all day noise test 3.


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