Xining heritage conservation center established

March 19, 2017

in order to meet the growing cultural needs of the people of Xining, in August 23rd, Xining intangible cultural heritage protection center was formally established.

It is reported that

, intangible cultural heritage, is the people of all ethnic groups in our country for a long time to create an important accumulation of wealth, it is not only the history of the national identity certificate, is the source of a nation to the foundation and strength of the continuation and full of confidence to the future. Because of the importance of the whole society on the protection of intangible cultural heritage of the lack of knowledge, the intangible cultural heritage protection is not scientific, excessive development, exacerbated the destruction of cultural resources and destruction, a lot of precious materials can not be properly protected, the loss of ten points, and many excellent intangible cultural Heritage leave no successor faced with lost and unique skills, people must perish art of the danger, the establishment of the center of the intangible cultural heritage preservation, marking the protection of intangible cultural heritage in Xining city has the protection institution, also marks the Xining intangible cultural heritage protection work and the national and provincial non heritage protection work in the formation of a new pattern, keep step with. Unified, make Xining city heritage protection work has entered a new stage.

the same day, Xining cultural and artistic service center was officially inaugurated. It is understood that the Xining City Cultural Arts Center will service the community to build cultural service platform, planning various cultural activities, coordinate and organize rich and colorful performances, show the mass cultural achievements and local cultural characteristics, to provide a more convenient and high-quality cultural consulting service for the people. Xining City Cultural Arts Service Center will also set up a free electronic reading room for people to "service platform, people window, cultural bridge" concept, will be in Xining City Cultural Arts Center to create a set of creation, exhibition and education as one of the cultural bridge, and let people enjoy the convenience of culture, cultural Huimin the benefits of. (author: Zhang Chengrui)

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