Tree lined forest to create beautiful Xining

March 19, 2017

eyeful are green, the fragrance of the city is the beautiful Xining vision of the building, the creation of national forest city is the city’s concerted efforts to work together to achieve the goal. For the early realization of this vision goal, in March 20th, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city of Xining, held a "roadside, riverside, hillside, farmland" green site work conference. Wang Yubo stressed that the "Mattel strategy, as the key tree" concept to the implementation of specific work, to carry out the actual results, to the land of Xining. To build a beautiful China, the creation of a national forest city of the East, do a good job in Xining.

Wang Yubo, the gold Jiuchen line along the Xiping highway, west highway driving slowly, stop and go, Chaoyang angle green do? Ning Lake Wetland landscaping to become what? West tower high speed Shen area, the south of the interchange toll stations and other important nodes in the landscape how to create? Xining four green how to advance the work? We look and discuss, discuss the planning and construction of good policy.

Wang Yubo stressed that Xining "four" greening work to firmly establish the "Lin Huimin, Lin Meicheng" concept, one is to strengthen, large-scale and effective to promote the greening of the city, a large area to improve the city green quantity, beautify Xining, improve the environment, and constantly improve the level of livable. Two to high standards of planning, high-quality green. According to the current results, long-term wealth, the requirements of a unified plan, step by step. Select the tree species, the selection of tree species, to ensure a kind of a live tree, built into a piece, a piece of beauty. Three to focus, to promote. To highlight the four sides and urban greening, comprehensive planning, a strong push. Xining city highway on both sides of 15 meters to within 25 meters, the tree to take place, Lin Cheng jing. Continue to accelerate the pace of urban park construction, construction in the flower garden mainly lilac. On both sides of the highway to focus on the construction of Chaoyang angle, Ning lake, Shen village and other important nodes of the high standard landscape forest. Within the scope of the city, should be based on the principle of "soil are green", check the lack of green. Four seize the opportunity, the county linkage, to promote. Stop for a moment to pay close attention to the promotion of land acquisition and planning and design work, seize the good spring season, inverted schedule timing, a clear division of responsibilities, raise funds, and strive to be completed in mid May the stage work task, greening work has achieved remarkable results. Fifth, strict control of high speed road on both sides of the illegal building, never allowed Luandaluanjian phenomenon, lay a good foundation for the high speed road on both sides of the green. (author: Sheng Nan)

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