Xining to carry out two during the Jian Wei special rectification work

March 19, 2017

on the morning of February 5th, the Xining municipal government held a special meeting to inform the current problems of the construction of the work, and arrange the work carried out during the two special rectification.

on the 5 day morning, the reporter saw in the vicinity of the provincial capital Huang light, some vendors selling up under the overpass single quilt, Sundry Goods, so this is not spacious sidewalks, more congested. It is understood that at present, Xining city like Jeeves, set up their stalls and rebound potential. In addition, the construction of health, there are still many problems.

village, urban high, health rebound prominent; in the East District of mutual Lufu in lane, Seongbuk Mao Sheng Si Cun, Mao Sheng Temple market, daily cleaning system implementation is not in place, indiscriminate dumping phenomenon is serious, lack of garbage collection containers, garbage into the bucket, burning garbage phenomenon has occurred.

part of alleyways and their families (the bankrupt enterprise) floor hospital health rebound in the East District of Middle South Gate Street, Yu Jing Xiang, Chengzhong District Court Street, Xinmin Street Street building, East West District traffic lane, Victory Road No. 44 hospital and No. 46 hospital etc., cleaning frequency is not clean, garbage not cleared up, do not Nissan nissin. In addition, Jeeves stalls set up phenomenon more, also some sections of chaos posting, graffiti writing phenomenon resurgence.

in Chengdong District Min Xiang, Chengzhong District, Yin Ma Street, West District Hing Road farmers market, remediation effect is not obvious, the resurgence of some illegal slaughter of live poultry market phenomenon, cleaning system implementation is not in place, the morning is not according to the prescribed time withdrawal, health dirty, closed after the poor.

in terms of food safety, food processing workshops, make and sell food stalls and other management still exists the blind area, part of catering units still exist in varying degrees of practitioners of health consciousness, not work clothes, tableware disinfection, raw and cooked food mix, trash can, with prevention facilities is not perfect wait for a problem. While in the East District of South Street, North Street, Jiefang Road city areas, Xinhua Xiang Jiao Chang Jie, Jia Xiaoxiang, West District, North Lane area construction, street lanes vehicles Luantingluanfang, two-way parking, no parking signs do not work seriously.

therefore, the Xining municipal government to carry out the requirements during the two "the establishment of special rectification work, the district and the relevant units should immediately take action, and actively organize activities of environmental sanitation remediation, ensure the rebound has been effectively curbed, let the people of the city in a clean and tidy and comfortable environment for two. (author: Wang Fulian)

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