The relief supplies warm residents heart

March 19, 2017

"our hearts are warm." After the provincial capital of the sea a difficult residents received a condolence product, is very happy. Xining City West District Civil Affairs Bureau held a ceremony to send warm activity concentrated area, 100 needy households out of rice and flour, edible vegetable oil. In January 19th, the reporter learned that, Xining City West District Civil Affairs Bureau according to the actual proportion of area towns, street offices of residents, allocated relief and relief, and require good relief and relief on the roster preparation of relief supplies and relief is for the Democratic Council, register, publication, publication etc..

before the Spring Festival, Xining City West District Civil Affairs Bureau will carry out a series of poverty alleviation Yongjun condolences activities, in the meantime, the west area of the majority of cadres to needy families in rural communities, and visit, understand the existence of helping object face to face difficulties in life, and find the solution as soon as possible to help helping object out of poverty. (author: Zhang Pu)

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