Province to amend the local regulations to develop a comprehensive implementation plan for two child

March 19, 2017

Reporters learned yesterday from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, in accordance with state regulations, the province will be implemented in January 1st next year, the simultaneous implementation of a comprehensive two child policy. In order to better implement the policy to meet the needs of the masses of the birth, the province has been actively preparing to amend the local regulations, to develop a comprehensive two child specific implementation plan.

the Provincial Planning Commission policies and regulations propaganda department official said, the state expressly from next January 1st full implementation of a couple can have two children policy, our province will be in accordance with state regulations, organization and implementation of the law. At present, our province has begun to formulate a "comprehensive two children" implementation plan, actively preparing for the revision of the "Qinghai provincial population and family planning regulations" and the provincial people’s Congress passed.

the specific implementation time and attention in the "total two children, a husband and wife marriage, family vacation time also triggered a heated debate. Before the national law amendment, encourage late marriage and late childbearing, and the population and family planning law has been revised to cancel the relevant provisions encourage late marriage, to comply with laws and regulations, whether the family is a child or two children, and even some local regulations to have more than three children, can enjoy longer growth fake related incentives, and other related social welfare.The current implementation of the provisions of

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