Test new regulations will soon be implemented Xining public car super season off-season

March 19, 2017

The Ministry of public security, the latest revision of the "motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of provisions" will take effect on January 1, 2013, the new regulations have some changes in the driving test. The fear of the new regulations will increase the difficulty of the exam, many people will have to plan in advance, hoping to get in to get a driver’s license prior to the implementation of new regulations.

in November 13th, has been for more than a month of public Ms. Wang to wait until the last exam, a subject in the early morning, she rushed to the vehicle, this morning in a test subject of the students and Ms. Wang from the same school, said many people waiting for the exam, because of the upcoming implementation of the new regulations, so in advance the implementation of research plan. "I heard that after the implementation of the new regulations, will pay more attention to the actual operation, to cancel some of the commonly used training program, but after all, is a new thing, the exam will be difficult, to quickly sign up, trying to get a permit before the implementation of new regulations." Ms. Wang said.


successfully passed a test subject, Ms. Wang immediately began training in two subjects, although already think there will be a lot of people, but when arrived at the training ground, the scene is still so surprised Ms. wang. I did not expect so many people, far more than I expected, there are 10 cars in the venue, to participate in the training of people actually have a population of more than and 200. We discuss the implementation of the new regulations will not let the test driver’s license becomes difficult." Ms. Wang said.

Ms. Wang, deputy director of the school where

Wang introduced, due to the upcoming implementation of the new regulations, many reported that the students are required to get on the train as soon as possible, hoping to get a driver’s license before the implementation of the new regulations. The results appeared to number over the summer to learn to drive the peak of the phenomenon, there are a lot of people consulting, sign up now can not catch the last bus. Vice President Li said: "the time for the implementation of new regulations in two subjects before the examination, although it is compulsory and examination, but you don’t know which one to take, so training nine must be good, and after the implementation of new regulations, although the practice test is 5, but the practice time is reduced by 4 compared to the original relatively speaking, it becomes easy. Many students want to catch up with the train, we try to explain the contents of the change, I hope to rush to the driver’s license and has been unable to arrange the car on the students, do not worry too much."


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