No public health safety incidents occurred during the college entrance examination

March 20, 2017

for the majority of students and parents in public health and safety during the college entrance examination, to create a warm and harmonious environment for the candidates, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau deployed during the entrance of public health security work. During the period from May 20th to June 9th, three county health department organized a special Institute of health inspection and supervision of the four district entrance test centers around the hotels, hostels and other accommodation to rest in public places inspections dragnet. All hotels must do business with the public on a one for one disinfection, accommodation environment clean and tidy and well ventilated. Local health administrative departments and the administrative departments of education to strengthen communication and coordination, and jointly do a good job in the prevention and control of infectious diseases in schools during the college entrance examination and a comprehensive examination of the examination before disinfection, ventilation etc.. During the

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