Gayn Nebula founder Lu Shengping let the innovation.

March 20, 2017

real innovation and entrepreneurship is the connotation of scientific and technological innovation, technology entrepreneurship. Lu Shengping, the young creative passenger, is through the power of science and technology to manage their own business, but also to help a lot of entrepreneurs to provide a set of internationalization, industrialization, intelligence as one of the entrepreneurial base.

in Entrepreneurship and innovation tide of Shenyang fast, Lu Shengping’s name is well known. Young clients know she was at last year’s show, she 3D print head automatically distribute business cards show. In the mature entrepreneurial base of the circle of friends, because Lu Shengping to create a set of internationalization, industrialization, intelligentized entrepreneurial base has attracted much attention in the street.

3 14, the reporter a telephone interview with Liaoning industrial giant Limited by Share Ltd chairman, gayn Nebula founder Lu Shengping lady, she told reporters: given the Liaoning industrial investment giant nebula is Limited by Share Ltd founded 3D manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship online service platform, through the cloud platform — a maxspace Incubator – accelerator for overseas Talents Innovation and entrepreneurship to provide services.

"last June, we are ready to enter the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, which is located in the area, there are a lot of options, the final choice Sanhao Street, due to its geographical advantages, but also from the district leadership on entrepreneurship and innovation is keen to grasp, helping the enterprise’s sincere attitude." Lu Shengping is determined that early termination of the contract, to recover the rent is a street of the apartment with 2000 square meters, and the design, decoration, investment, only two months time, August 26th, gayn Nebula hit off the base opened its doors.

"two months," from 0 to 1 "leap really so soon! During this period, the street CMC sent someone to accompany me to the street of the business lobby of industrial and commercial registration, I remember the name check, really to the industrial and commercial registration staff to bring a lot of trouble. Staff patient and meticulous, warm and thoughtful service, let me invest in peace zone to build a customer base full of motivation!"



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