Eastern community initiatives to serve the masses

March 20, 2017

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the community of East District to transform the work style of cadres as a breakthrough, take measures to continuously improve service, race each other’s ability to work, to ensure the effectiveness of educational practice activities.

mutual Road community: "happiness" intimate service for the people. According to their residents, aging, low cultural level, can independently form problems, establish "happiness" service mode in the public service center of community hall, the hall of the original cold iron waiting tables and chairs, transformed into a warm and a small round table cloth, with a warm atmosphere for the rest of the Office staff. And in the happy bar equipped with sewing kit, convenient umbrella, newspapers and magazines books, medicine boxes, shoe tools and free wireless WiFi, from the warm service environment to close the heart and heart distance. And the establishment of a sound "happy log" registration of residents information, improve the information leakage phenomenon of residents, to attract residents advice. Every time for the residents to do a thing, built a "happy log", the residents of the grid trust and intimacy will increase, residents have become invisible community within the grid "eyes, hands", improve the credibility of the community.  

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