Huangyuan farmers live a new life comparable to the city

March 20, 2017

Moon Township Township Village village is implementing environmental remediation

Ba Yan Xiang Ba Yan Xia Cun with Hehuang characteristics of the farm house

Sun Village before the old

East Gap Township gray ditch village of new residential building


Wang Yubo early start (right) of Ba Yan Si Cun Street country research

Municipal Committee, organization department minister Zhang Xuetian (left two) line of guidance in the Dahua town inspection work

Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Ma Haiying (in) the joint point of the village to guide the work of building

arranged in the sun and moon hill village

Huangyuan autumn beauty, a riot of colour, cenglinjinran, grow more enchanting, wanders into the neck under the village, quaint chic flyfox, change a new weather fashion happy life — shocking, not by feeling: you don’t know where the suspected land of idyllic beauty. In fact, this is only the Huangyuan "Three Gorges" in a beautiful picture, and a complete picture of the new countryside and new round of new life stunning picture, has been carried out with the "military enterprises build a model village" activities and perfect show.

"military enterprises build a model village" what is the ultimate goal? Is to improve people’s livelihood, improve people’s happiness index. Huangyuan county is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, from small to large to shower in the brush, the construction of infrastructure, the show is Huangyuan county government’s long-term planning perspective, breakthrough and leap of socialism new countryside construction strength, determination and courage!

Secretary of the Huangyuan new rural Qiang Wei in the observation, see the new changes in rural areas, realize the new trend of rural new rural life, feel, think highly of the planning and construction of Huangyuan New Countryside: solve the "new village farmers have no" situation fundamentally.

many people benefit "military enterprises build a model village"?

Huangyuan county government enterprises build a model village campaign involving 109 and 315 along the National Road:

– 7 towns, 19 villages, 4334 households, 17534 people;

– 14 municipal Party and government organs, 19 county departments, 2 troops, 22 companies participating in the construction of


– 6 municipal leaders, 24 county leaders to establish a contact point.

figures show new rural achievements

– 2.2

million yuan of fundsThe

co integration investment funds totaling 2.2 million yuan;


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