How to treat Qinghai residents’ consumption price

March 21, 2017

Reporters on the rise in consumer prices in Qinghai interview with the National Bureau of statistics Qinghai Investigation Corps official.

residential consumption expenditure (refers to the owners rent, housing rent, estimation of property management fees, maintenance repairs, building and decoration materials such as consumer spending) as an important project of residents’ consumption, Qinghai prices rose in recent years in the provinces (city, district) have been ranked in first place, but from the residence and consumer spending is closely related to the housing sales price in 2014, the national average residential sales price of 5933 yuan / square meters, up 25.6% over 2010; Qinghai is 4294 yuan / square meters, up 48.3% compared to 2010. Although Qinghai rose significantly higher than the national average, but the absolute price per square meter than the low 1639 yuan, in 31 provinces (cities, districts) in 2014, Qinghai residential sales price only ranked twenty-fourth.

from the relationship with the daily life of residents is the most basic part of life consumption closely, the residents of Xining city students;

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