Create civilized city, Xining and then go on expedition

March 21, 2017

National civilized city is to reflect the overall level of civilization of a city, the highest degree of harmony of the highest honorary title, is the most valuable brand in China’s cities. In five provinces and cities in the northwest of Yinchuan, the city has been awarded the title of civilized city. Currently, including Xining, including four other provincial capitals are struggling to create, the competition is very fierce. In the third National Conference on the construction of spiritual civilization, Xining, Golmud City, the national civilized city nominated qualifications for the formal declaration of the national civilized city has laid a good foundation. At present, the clarion call for Xining to create a national civilized city. Some people can not help but ask: "a city", in the end what can bring to the people of Xining?

"creative city" will give the people what

in "creative city" in the four district of Xining City, always adhere to the focus on improving the area of environmental health, infrastructure, improve the community service. For example, in the community set up fitness equipment to facilitate the amateur life of the masses. Community service center is also set up to do their best to provide services to residents, the establishment of a police room, so that people live more secure.

"only residents satisfied, to support our" creative city ", to consciously participate in our" creative city "work, so that our work will be meaningful." Xining City West District, a staff member said. On the other hand, Xining city is also actively carry out rich and colorful community activities, the organization we sing patriotic songs, community forum, ten community rating, concerned about the elderly and other activities, and launched a series of rich and colorful volunteer activities. Through these activities, enhance the sense of belonging to the public, to achieve the purpose of creating a city.

in "creative city", Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government under a great effort to improve the Nanchuan River, Beichuan River, Huangshui river. "Now, Nanchuan river water more clear than before, I’m all right in love and his wife;

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