Decentralization Xining cancel and adjust 73 administrative approval items

March 21, 2017

April 24th, the Xining municipal government plenary meeting examined and adopted the Xining Municipal People’s government decided to cancel and adjust the administrative examination and approval project directory. Total cancellation and adjustment of administrative examination and approval items 73, for the past year to clean up the largest. Marked in Xining to decentralization, improve the efficiency of government administrative examination and approval system reform has taken a substantial step.

in recent years, Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council and the provincial government, since 2002 has been eight times successively carried out administrative approval cleanup work. The clean-up, a total of 37 departments reported administrative licensing projects and non administrative approval of a total of 342 items. In order to promote the transformation of government functions and decentralization, conscientiously implement the administrative licensing law, streamline administrative examination and approval project approval, standardize administrative examination and approval permission, according to the cancellation and adjustment of administrative examination and approval by the State Council executive meeting of the project directory "in April 10th the provincial government and relevant requirements on a number of cancellations and decentralization of administrative examination and approval decision" of the. The office for the city based on repeatedly soliciting the views of various departments on the provincial audit reform office and Municipal Affairs Office formed a cohesive, decided to cancel and decentralization of a number of administrative approval items. After the adoption of the plenary meeting of the municipal government, in order to be published in the form of municipal government order.

it is understood that the total abolition of 32 administrative approval items, decentralization of administrative licensing management level of 19 administrative approval items, modify the name of 11 projects, with 4 administrative approval items, adjustment of the executive organ (Fees) project 7. 32 administrative approval items canceled involving 14 units and departments, such as: private school principals appointment approval, vehicle scrapping certificate, halal food production license annual qualification, equity debt to equity investment enterprise registration, examination and approval of the pre income tax deduction of property loss in the payment of income tax, the real corporate deregulation to the people in the burden; 41 items of administrative examination and approval decision adjustment, involving the temporary land use approval, the main function of the original design change of water conservancy project approval, demolition of environmental sanitation facilities approved, the fireworks business (retail) license and catering service license issued by, and changes in river management of sand mining license, city drainage permit issuing by the local government, to implement a more convenient and effective approval, truly decentralization and optimization program, let the power run more Sunshine justice. (author: Han Yihua)


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