Go out the summer tourism significant multiplier effect

March 21, 2017

Originally intended to stay for only one day, did not expect to leave the three day holiday in Xining." Zhang Bailin, Chongqing, a family of three in Xining spent an easy to remember the May Day holiday. A day for three days, this is the epitome of xiadou Xining out of the multiplier effect to promote the release of tourism resources. In the Xining to extend the travel time and more than a piece of Berlin, many visitors to Xining, especially from the stove city tourists are attracted by the natural landscape of our city show the majestic beauty, magnificent beauty, magical beauty, and linger. This result is not the same as our city into the stove before the depth of tourism promotion can not be separated.

recommendation behind: organic combination of cultural tourism

in recent years, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the construction of Xining has become internationally famous plateau landscape garden city and tourist center of tourism destination, the objectives and requirements, relying on the Xining advantage of the cool summer climate and good ecological environment, to create a summer tourism and leisure tourism products, tourism development has entered the fast lane of Xining xiadou.

and "Chinese xiadou" in order to further enhance the visibility and brand influence, the City Tourism Bureau organized the County Tourism Bureau and more than 40 tourism enterprises, the Provincial Tourism Bureau to build a platform to promote, to go out together, "beautiful Qinghai city · to fire; xiadou Xining" invitation. This means that summer in Xining occasion the development of tourism and cultural integration of the new round of tourism marketing activities officially set sail.

"the promotion activities will become a unique platform for tourism and cultural promotion, strengthen the interaction with Xining city fire summer tourism culture, so as to enable us to establish closer ties with foreign tourists, more comprehensive display of beautiful Qinghai and Xining summer tourism cultural resources of the one and only." In an interview with reporters, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Tourism Bureau said. "The one and only natural scenery and bright and colorful folk culture landscape should be the summer capital of Xining to bring tourists the most intuitive and vivid experience."

therefore, promotion activities, the Municipal Tourism Bureau devoted to the "sampling survey report" of domestic tourism in Xining city based on careful analysis to Ning tourist market, change the traditional marketing ideas, aiming to the domestic stove on the theme of city, cool, quiet, pure heart ", with summer leisure travel, summer tour such cultural tourism products led the publicity this summer in the city will be organized by the" the Yellow River Trinidad customs line · meet in Xining, FIRST Youth Film Festival, Chinese · Qinghai Xining international dance competition, the original Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, the international carpet Festival and other cultural and sports tourism festivals, and Jean Natsu Doshi Chaanning leave a deep impression in the minds of foreign tourists.

: the charm of personality promotion xiadou offend the drunk tourists

beautiful slide pictures, rich content, a full range of scenic products, excellent tourism enterprise image…… Great beauty and green;

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