10 enterprises to become the first Municipal Research Center

March 21, 2017

In October 27th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, in order to make the Xining science and technology research and development center in our city to play the main role in the production of enterprises, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, as of now, the city has 10 enterprises to obtain the title of Xining science and technology development center. It is understood that these enterprises are mainly distributed in food processing, bio medicine, Tibetan carpets, new energy and other industrial areas, the industry wide distribution, involving large, industrial driving effect is obvious. Among them, the first Aomi Taitoyo Li Technology Co. Ltd. advanced battery materials engineering technology center, the technology innovation mechanism, technological innovation, technological innovation and other aspects of the strength advantages, significant achievements, has been to the enterprise technology industrial upgrading provides a solid technical support. According to the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Director Qiang Jianhai introduction, in recent years, the increasing cultivation of science and technology research and development center and support, introduced the "policy of Xining city science and technology R & D center that management measures", encourage and guide enterprises to promote the construction of science and technology research and Development Center, based on the voluntary reporting enterprise, municipal science and Technology Bureau of the relevant experts to conduct on-site inspection and grading assessment in accordance with the procedure, and put forward the suggestion list by the Municipal Science and technology R & D center that review by the leading group, and ultimately determine the R & D center 10 enterprise research and development center as the city’s first science and technology.  

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