Henan released in 2016 spring action program to help migrant workers Entrepreneurship

March 21, 2017

recently returned home for a variety of migrant workers employment and entrepreneurship activities have been introduced to the vast number of migrant workers to open up more choices. A policy spring for the future of migrant workers in the future to provide vitality.

4 services include: the ability to work and employment intention of participatory rural poverty, transfer of employment intention and entrepreneurial aspirations of rural laborers, people demand a useful enterprises and various units, and other employment entrepreneurial intention. Activity time is from mid February to the end of March.

During the

for support of migrant workers returning home, the country will develop and implement targeted entrepreneurship training program, reduce home business threshold, the implementation of targeted tax cuts and down universal fee policy, increase financial support, strengthen the home business of financial services, to help more entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

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