Refusing ride to cost cab drivers ₹1,000 in M.P.

December 1, 2019

first_imgThe Madhya Pradesh government has framed rules to impose a fine of ₹1,000 on drivers of cabs, including mobile app-based services, in case they cancel a ride request after accepting it.“Once the rules come into effect, cab drivers will have to take a licence from the government after paying a certain amount as fee and fulfil some obligations,” said State Transport Department Deputy Secretary Niyaz Ahmed Khan.‘No exploitation’Stating that the rules had been sent to the Law Department and were expected to be notified this month, he added, “The government will have control over drivers so that passengers are not exploited and are given proper services.”Mr. Khan explained that the government would have access to the digital records of a cab service, and impose a fine on drivers or seize their licences in case they cancel a ride or break rules. Even, travel fares will be regulated by the government so that the passengers are not fleeced. GPS-enabled And in case a GPS-enabled cab stops midway a ride or travels in a different direction, the police will get an alert. Hailing the framing of rules, Bhopal Travels Association secretary Rajkumar Kanojia, representing regular cab services, said, “Although travel operators and not drivers cancel rides in our case, it’s a positive decision. If a booking has been made and the operator cancels the ride at the last minute, they should be held accountable.”Other reasonsBut, Rajesh Ginnare, a driver with an app-based service in Bhopal, felt drivers cancel rides only for some pressing reasons. “If the pick-up location is far away, we have to cancel a ride. It happens several times that a rider awaits the cab at a location different from the one entered in the application, so we have to cancel the ride. We also have to cancel a ride if the road leading to a pick-up location is too narrow or congested,” he said.“We get a cancellation fee only if the rider doesn’t turn up at the pick-up location even after five minutes. Sometimes, we don’t even get that,” he added. The application lowers his rating if he cancels a ride request within a 4 km radius.last_img

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