Under the city’s efforts to solve the difficulties of the masses

March 21, 2017

Xining City, in educational practice, the concept of service innovation, improve the service mode, service responsibility to implement, improve service quality, service provision time, efforts to solve the "work hard" problem, really let people say.

"zero distance service mode". The needs of the masses as the guide, make full use of network platform, GPS system, video software and other modern information technology, e-government platform, micro-blog, WeChat official public platform, QQ group, information command platform, digital library and a series of new service carrier, announced the hot social information on the preferential agricultural policies to enrich the masses generally in the past, the interaction of "single channel" to "overpass".

"zero prevarication responsibility service". To solve the "rectification work as a breakthrough in mutually making excuses" phenomenon, strictly implement the shouwenzeren system and responsibility investigation system, in consultation, acceptance, review, completion of the 4 links, require the responsible personnel to complete formalities, shall be handled immediately, is strictly prohibited without undue delay and backlog phenomenon; to be incomplete or do not meet the relevant provisions of the one-time inform all its handling requirements and required documents, shall not act in any excuse, an excuse to refuse, prevarication; for it can handle, responsible to explain, explain the reasons, and resolutely put "cold, hard, cross, push" phenomenon.

"zero delay time service". In educational practice, to the satisfaction of the masses as the goal, to steadily promote decentralization as the transformation of government functions, the top priority, so that the service time zero extension". Since this year, were canceled, with approval 73, reduced 16.7%, the fireworks business (retail) license, food service license issued and the change of 19 items of administrative examination and approval by the local government to approve the implementation of the overall compression processing time to reach above 35%.  

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