This month at the end of the year 2013 Xining urban residents medical insurance premium payment dead

March 21, 2017

2013 annual Xining city urban residents basic medical insurance premium payment period will be 31 this month, at present, Xining City, as well as some residents no insurance payment, social insurance bureau to remind residents, overdue insurance renewals, will not be able to enjoy medical treatment in 2013.

it is reported that the 2013 annual medical treatment of urban residents has a substantial increase in the level of treatment. Improve the health of urban residents per capita financing standard, residents under the age of 18 years (including students and colleges) per capita financing 380 yuan, over the age of 18 residents per capita annual fund of 420 yuan, increase all by government subsidies, the same payment standard for urban residents. Expand the scope of the basic medical insurance reimbursement of drugs, the residents of health insurance, employee health insurance and the new rural cooperative medical directory were integrated in the province to implement a unified list of basic medical insurance drugs. From September 1st this year, in the public designated medical institutions in the hospital after the first hospitalization settlement service model. At the same time, from December 1st onwards the implementation of the "basic medical insurance + medical insurance + medical assistance", namely urban residents insured hospitalization expense according to the provisions of the current policy, personal ego part to pay line 5000 yuan, two times of medical expenses reimbursed by the Business insurance company, so that urban residents actually pay the proportion of hospital costs reached 80%.

according to the city social security bureau responsible person, residents medical insurance new insurance holding account (ID) to the residence of the community to apply for insurance registration, receive provided free of charge by the SMLSSB residents health insurance IC card, IC card to residents to the Province Agricultural Bank subordinate battalion industry of Xining city network fee. Insured residents can be directly held by the residents of Medicare IC card to the Provincial Agricultural Bank of Xining branch of the payment. (author: Rong Lijun)

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