The most dangerous geocache in the world? – Hua Shan (GC1XAM3) – Geocache of the Week

December 17, 2019

first_imgWhat’s the most well-made geocache you’ve ever found? Tell us in the comments.Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog.If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!Share with your Friends:More NBD. These steps are solid as rock. Because that’s what they’re carved into. Photo by geocacher klingacYikes! Don’t look down! Photo by geocacher klingacThe heavenly steps. Photo by geocacher klingacA beautiful sunrise makes it all worth it. Photo by geocacher doky team For something like this, you have to spell extreme like this: “XTREEEEEEEMMMMEEEE”. Photo by geocacher poizonGeocache Name:Hua Shan (GC1XAM3)Difficulty/Terrain Rating:2/4Why this is the Geocache of the Week:First, to clear things up: we don’t condone taking unnecessary risks in order to find a geocache. No find is worth getting hurt over. And in fact, in order to find this geocache, you don’t have to walk along the precarious pathways bolted into the cliffside. That being said, very few times will you get the chance to do something this cool. And just think of the amazing selfies you could take! The pathways were developed several hundred years ago by those seeking to reach the mountain peaks for their religious significance. In more recent years, this has become a popular tourism spot. The Chinese government has incorporated more safety measures to the vertigo-inducing paths to ensure that everyone gets a chance to safely make the journey. Just google “the most dangerous hike in the world” or “Hua Shan” for plenty of more pictures and info.What geocachers are saying:“Finding this cache was a great adventure. Huashan is a wonderful mountain and we enjoyed our day very much.” – poizon“This is the cache I have worked mostly to get. 3 hours of climbing stairs. I tried to count the stairs, but I gave up, reaching 1600. I think we climbed more than 2000 steps…Thanks to >>SCK_ARo<< for this cache.” –“After climbing incredibly many many steps, we found out that we have forgotten to check a photohint, but fortunately we found it anyway. Box was empty, so we tried to fullfill it with travelbugs. Hua Shan cache will be the most precious point of mine!” – GeoEfkaPhotos and video:center_img SharePrint RelatedWhen a geocache is more like a theme park. — Dead Men Tell No Tales (GC46ZT4) — Geocache of the WeekJanuary 29, 2014In “Community”Epic Find, Epic Selfie — Kjerag (GCXKXJ) — Geocache of the WeekJuly 23, 2014In “Community”Between a rock and…more rocks. — Pit Stop (GC5RM5D) — Geocache of the WeekMay 7, 2015In “Geocache of the Week”last_img

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