Science and technology personnel service enterprise action Xining 39 project supported by the Minist

March 21, 2017

November 19th, good news came the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Xining city to declare the Ministry of science and technology service enterprise science and technology personnel action project achieved remarkable results, there are 39 projects supported by Ministry of science project, 15 million 800 thousand yuan of funds to.

"science and technology personnel service enterprise action" is a measure of the Ministry of science and technology to overcome the financial crisis. This action can guide and organize scientific and technical personnel in the enterprise, especially influenced by the financial crisis of small and medium-sized enterprises, help them into the application of technology and production, joint enterprises carry out key technologies, to enhance the capability of independent innovation of enterprises. It is understood that the support of the 39 projects focused on bio medicine, specialty agriculture, Tibetan carpets and textiles, new energy, mineral resources and other areas of comprehensive utilization of resources and industrialization projects.


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