Xining City, the RS tax assessment in 222 households should tax about 7000000 yuan

March 21, 2017

May 17th the author learned from the IRS, as of now, a total of Xining city tax assessment in 222 households, tax payment assessment should be more than 700 yuan.

tax assessment is a "filter", can be found in a timely manner, to correct and deal with the taxpayer’s tax behavior errors, so that taxpayers can avoid the audit procedures. It is understood that in this year’s tax assessment work, to assess IRS first of taxes is low and a wide range of commercial medical insurance medical retail and real estate industry, the evaluation found that the medical insurance medical retail presence count less income, less taxes, issue invoice and declaration datouxiaowei not required to save the invoice other issues; business enterprise, some enterprises after the purchase of goods, take inventory, not excluding tax deduction and other means, in order to achieve account management, regardless of income; real estate development enterprises, some enterprises have more than listed expenses and transfer the cost of the phenomenon of multi. To solve these problems, the IRS has developed a feasible measures, the tax assessment team has been in the unified arrangement of the taxpayer and there were interviewed, and actively urge the taxpayer to pay the tax. At present, this work is in progress. (author: Li Yun,)


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