Xining Public Security Bureau’s Street police station received thunder Yongqi save lives drowning ch

March 21, 2017

on the afternoon of June 3rd, members of the public Cai three flowers and gifts to the people’s Street police station, to save their children’s police Lei Yongqi expressed his gratitude. The afternoon of June 1st, people’s Street police station instructor Lei Yongqi with the children in the people’s Park artificial lake to play, suddenly heard the splash, only from their own 2, 3 meters there is a 4, 5 year old children fell into the water and has flooded the body, he could not swim without thinking to jump into the water, then the other the man on the shore also jumped into the water, the two of them will be the water rescued the drowning child. After landing, the thunder Yongqi he saw that the child not be frightened and injured quietly with their children left the park. After the child’s parents with the help of television to find the good police. Rescued the child came to the police station at the sight of his uncle rescued, he hooked the enthusiastic rescue of the police uncle, a deep kiss.



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