Provincial and municipal leaders to inspect and guide the work of the spring transportation

March 21, 2017

to ensure that the Spring Festival this year, smooth and orderly, safe and high quality, in January 19, 2011, the Provincial Communications Department deputy director Zhou Yongzhi, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua, the traffic department director of Transportation Secretary Yuan Fuyu, the Provincial Transportation Bureau Zhao Lianlong such as a pedestrian transportation inspection team composed of province, accompanied by city traffic bureau director Ma Haizhou, deputy director of Mingjun, on the first day of the beginning of the spring Xining bus station, Xining bus company checked.

inspection group listened to the deputy director of bureau of traffic of city of Tan Mingjun on the Spring Festival this year to prepare and deploy report, establish work organization and supervision mechanism of the spring city traffic bureau, focusing on protection of spring work and concrete work and other aspects of early prediction, early arrangements, active spring deployment work fully affirmed. And the city traffic bureau conscientiously implement the provincial transportation arrangements, in accordance with the "customs supervision" and "standard three stop five could not stand, make reasonable arrangements for transportation, transport security plan, to further strengthen the transportation safety, improve the service functions, improve service level, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the transportation market are given highly. Finally, Zhou Yongzhi, deputy director of the Provincial Communications Department and the municipal government, vice mayor of the Spring Festival work on the proposed new and higher requirements:

1, according to the work characteristics and the Spring Festival passenger flow forecast this year, to strengthen the transportation and management of the city bus, taxi, dangerous goods transport vehicles, strict implementation of key parts of the "three supervision" and "three in five could not stand strict requirements, the" three "entry, the transport sector play image the window;

2, the leading group to the whole organization, the Spring Festival to track the implementation of the program of work, increase supervision of illegal operation of vehicles and overloading, rural passenger transport and road pat and other key links, improve the ability of public service, to ensure the safe and orderly transport;

3, to strengthen the plan, effective response to the Spring Festival during the incident;

4, the implementation of the Spring Festival duty system, improve the measures to do a good job of publicity and information feedback, to ensure the smooth and harmonious throughout the spring festival.

5, mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, held a special meeting to coordinate the relevant departments to increase the intensity of the Xining bus station in front of the square order rectification, to create a safe and comfortable place for passengers.


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