Zhang Jianmin stressed that relying on scientific and technological means to promote pollution preve

March 21, 2017

7 month 13 days, Provincial Committee and vice governor Zhang Jianmin in Xining City Huangshui River, investigation of air pollution prevention and control work, the progress of key projects in the field view, put forward new requirements to further improve the quality of the Huangshui River and air quality in Xining city.

Zhang Jianmin and his entourage investigation of the Huangshui River water environment, West Bridge section of the Lake District Shengda international two construction site dust control, inspection and control system of Xining city traffic police detachment, yellow car and car running, Huangshui River tributaries Nanchuan River seven bridge section of the sewage outfall remediation, expensive bridge along the River on both sides new outfall remediation, Nanjing Xining City Lake Wetland operation and sludge disposal center construction etc..

in affirming the achievements, Zhang Jianmin stressed, to seize the key issues and key sections, deepen the Huangshui River environmental protection and water ecological restoration, strengthening the sewage treatment plant management and ensure stable operation, continue to implement the industrial enterprise management projects, increase supervision of key enterprises, realize the Huangshui River governance objectives; to be precise control exhaust pollution, enhance intelligence the management level of governance, pay close attention to the source of pollution, do a good job of yellow cars, old cars eliminated, relying on scientific and technological means to increase supervision, strengthen the construction dust control, strengthen air pollution control work; to accelerate the progress of construction projects, and to encourage the implementation of the PPP project, with a good start in Xining, and strive to 13th Five-Year "focus on the construction of environmental protection projects to a new level.


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