National social security fund regulations out of institutional arrangements is the biggest bright sp

By on May 31, 2017

social security of the new policy that everyone is concerned about the recent, the National Social Security Fund Ordinance has come out, on the specific content, the following are detailed introduction, together to understand it!

3 on Sept. 29 news, according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported, Premier Li Keqiang recently signed the State Council Decree No. 667th, published "the National Social Security Fund Ordinance", from May 1, 2016 1997. The biggest highlight of the regulations, the national social security fund raising, use, management and supervision, to further standardize the fund guarantee, under the premise of security, increase the value of. read more

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Henan to provide funding support for more than and 600 entrepreneurial projects

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entrepreneurship can not be separated from social support. The day before, Henan announced this year for public subsidies of entrepreneurial projects, the province issued more than forty million subsidies to help more than and 600 venture entrepreneurship.

617 home venture project was nearly 42 million yuan subsidy

600 start-ups over

12 4, the Henan Provincial Department of human resources and Social Security announced on the Henan public entrepreneurship project funding support of the publicity, the project received a total of 41 million 990 thousand yuan of funds to support entrepreneurship. read more

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Honghu city women’s Federation to carry out innovative rural women’s action Taobao project

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with female self-consciousness awakening and improve the level of education, women in the cause of the vision is increasingly open, followed by female entrepreneurs in the field continue to expand, more and more women entrepreneurs involved, create their own businesses.

to actively explore the "Internet plus" mode, the Honghu municipal government and the Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Honghu city women’s Federation to seize this opportunity, actively lead the social practice of women’s entrepreneurship innovation, extensive entrepreneurial innovation of women’s action to promote the rural Alibaba Taobao project, encourage the majority of women to join the rural Taobao partner. Currently, there have been nearly 40 women nominated for rural Taobao project. read more

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To share the cake shop two business models

By on May 30, 2017

cake is a lot of us love to eat the delicacy, is also very good afternoon tea in the street can often see the cake shop, want to open a cake shop, today to share what Cake Bakery Cake Bakery business model? The investment return? How to prepare the Cake Bakery investment? Business people, this will come to you one by the analysis of these problems to the small


There are two types of business models of

cake shop:

1. product price positioning is relatively low compared to some of the decoration, that makes customers feel value for money. Such positioning is more conducive to financial constraints, there is no rapid expansion planning investors. read more

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Zhu Xinli go out to find business opportunities

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Mention Huiyuan Juice, many people are very familiar with. For this name, it is. Zhu Xinli, the founder of the bigger and stronger Huiyuan, a few people know his entrepreneurial history?

character achievement:

Zhu Xinli in 1992 as a Shandong on the verge of collapse of the County Office of canned fruit factory, and in 1993 the company’s main business into the production of concentrated fruit juice was due to fill gaps in the market, so enterprises began to rapidly expand. 1999, Zhu Xinli will be the main assets of Huiyuan Group and Xinjiang Delong set up a joint venture. Because of the Williams financial support, companies began speeding the development of 2 years, a total investment of 2 billion in the national new Huiyuan 20 production base, to 2003 when the Huiyuan juice has occupied 23% of the national market share. 2003, Zhu Xinli repurchased Delong shares in huiyuan. In March this year, Zhu Xinli and part of the assets of Huiyuan Juice and unified group in the Cayman Islands to set up a joint venture China Huiyuan Juice holdings, which invested 250 million yuan of shares of a unified investment of $5%. China Huiyuan Juice holdings estimated sales revenue reached 2 billion 600 million yuan this year, profit of more than $two hundred million. read more

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How to make money in the town of grain and oil stores

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no matter what we choose to open what kind of shop, or where to open, no doubt are directed against the goal of making money to go. Therefore, if you want to open a grain and oil store in the township, naturally also need to take into account the factors to make money. So, how to make money in the town of grain and oil stores? Let Xiaobian with you to analyze.

had many farmers are holding their own rice wheat to the food processing fee of processing their own rice and flour, grain and oil stores in the township with the popularity of the grain and oil processing workshop has been gradually transformed, do other business, which in the township of grain stores to create a good environment to make money. If you do not have too much profit in the city to open the oil and grain stores too much competition pressure, or to make ends meet, then you can also consider opening a grain and oil store in town, as long as it is done, the same can be very profitable. So, how to make money in the town of grain and oil stores? How can we make the grain and oil stores have good business and long-term stability to make money? Xiaobian for you to sum up the following points: read more

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