White Deer Research nstitute 9 details of Web site operations

By on July 31, 2017

DNS analysis of

1 domain name

In the

directly through the input URL address bar, domain name in front of the W is often wrong, so simple work can prevent, in time, DNS analysis such as baidu.com, ww.baidu.com and wwww.baidu.com in two W and four W are good.

The favicon.ico icon in the

2 address bar

if you have a mature logo and can extract a unique recognizable icon, don’t forget to design the favicon for the site, which can be searched through the internet.

3 footer routine project

At the bottom of the read more

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Quality networking resources scarce bottleneck small and medium sites how to break through

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is now on the site effect of high quality human resources development is more and more big, may be an unknown new website, if the owners can "call, should be familiar with well-known chiefs gathered within the industry, as long as the content of the website (service) okay, through these people said, can immediately make their sites get larger the development of.

The establishment of the

04 year old oak photography net, grassroots webmaster Hao brother would use their original specializing in soft writing and editing websites are to establish rapport, he is not known to many new sites now new Adsense drool with envy high weight link of friendship, at the time the website channel is recommended under the condition of less weight, higher authority industry website Links website promotion, directly into the flow effect is far better than now; not to mention that when the domestic SEO, take the initiative to do SEO of the very few people, such a large number of stable, high weight, the chain linked to a strong new web search the role of engine ranking as can be imagined, it can not be said to be his site from the beginning of the starting line had been "standing on the shoulders of giants.". read more

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Local marriage network a new era of marriage network

By on July 29, 2017

the hot new show in recent years has also brought a wave of dating sites". Lily net, a long time network suddenly jumped into people’s field of vision, and for the whole nation know, many young people also abandoned the old wedding introduction tradition, and instead use marriage network this form. After all these years of marriage the marriage website development website like a raging fire, is already saturated, want to come back a share is not easy. But the marriage industry profit is very lucrative obvious to people, at this time, if you want to do the wedding network, we must avoid the edge, Zoupian Jian feng. And the local marriage network is undoubtedly a good choice. Next, let’s talk about how we should develop local marriage websites in 2013. read more

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Aggregate user pages, game portals into web game development boosters

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from the second half of 2008 to 2009, when the traditional economy was hit by the financial crisis, the Internet economy has entered an era of constant innovation and steady growth. Especially the game industry, the overall show a contrarian upward trend. A variety of "game" as the theme of investment cases emerge in an endless stream. New investors have been involved in the game industry, and new games have been introduced. Giant network will soon launch a new online game, "green journey", Hunan TV will enter the field of game, push web game news also shows that the game market is a big competition for the "big cake."". 09 years of game market, is WEBGAME, SocialGame, cross platform mobile phone online games, with clear profit model and innovative game joint operation based Internet new ecological development stage. Many new games continue to enter the market, many large online game manufacturers have begun to set foot in them. Hot and fast growth has become an undisputed fact. read more

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Li Yang and Wang Shuang talk about the growing history of red children from the love of the child

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: red child is Baoshu about co founded the two of you, then what is the opportunity to make you think of two couples together to start doing this


Wang Shuang: the maternal industry has a major characteristic, is a lot of people are having a child, because of love, because of child care, maternal love to the industry. We are no exception, after having children of maternal and child supplies began to interest, especially to see some articles we first thought is not the same, for children choose when accumulated some experience, hope to give mom some help, so began to do in this industry. read more

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Learn to fall in love with Baidu

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Baidu, since the algorithm has been adjusted, many websites have suffered, and the days when the traffic was ready to flow was gone.

has had a big impact on many websites, and this effect is fatal for many websites, especially new ones.

how to eliminate this influence, this is placed in front of each webmaster is a serious problem, but also have to consider the problem. The answer is clear that this effect can not be eliminated. At least Baidu can not be eliminated in a day, but we can think of ways to minimize the impact of this impact. Some of my friends in the "hurt" by Baidu, Baidu does not after filled with righteous indignation. This is irrational, first, Baidu occupies 7 of the Chinese search market, you do not do what Baidu? Second, we are not to support the national industry. read more

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Know whether the road of realization will follow the footsteps of watercress

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four months ago, when know almost on the line "knowledge on live" this product, known CEO Zhou did not mention much about thinking of commercialization of this product, four months later, Zhou began to take the initiative to speak know the realization problem, "knowledge sharing pay is a new form of economy for the known, the formation of knowledge pay is also a kind of release, or to produce a high quality of information about the new mode of production." Zhou source exciting shows between the lines. read more

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A journey of a calf of a passion station

By on July 28, 2017

first introduced me to the two protagonists, my story: Black sergeant, Sergeant black (I).

, two of us were classmates and friends when I was in junior high school. The first person I talked to when I moved to Shijiazhuang in Beijing was.

"you’re from Beijing, aren’t you?"

"well, yes," he said. "I’m not very sociable. I can only answer.


"where is Beijing?" he continued.

"Dacheng middle school", I did not want to answer to.

"I rely on you, we’re classmates," he replied, surprised. ". read more

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2009 grassroots Adsense in the end can do something to make money

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, the question… What can the ad league do,

?According to the 2007

and 2008 advertising trend, for individual webmaster, advertising alliance give milk is not enough, this is because the lack of milk in the form of several major league co extrusion advertising market caused by the flow for small sites, advertising alliance is nothing more than waste your valuable advertising. So, for the domestic advertising alliance, I want to tell you loudly, don’t do it. Tired people do not make money. read more

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Four years of network life, my youth to you

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locked the door, the curtain was drawn, and the light was not turned on. "India Qinanxiang" re burning cigarette point, do not know what time to fall in love with them. At least I know, they make me relax, let me think nothing, stay quiet and quiet…

was seventeen years old, I was a stupid child, although now twenty-one years old, I did not at that time than clever, but at least there is a good thing, that is in the past four years, I never cheated of money. Like evolutionary theory, everything changes in time, and most people like to call this change "progress". read more

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