Press Talk Ask a kid about honesty

By on September 16, 2019

first_imgTest Caption Honesty, for so many of us, is an elusive thing.Oh, I’m sure when you look at all the journalists and all the newspapers in this country, you will find those who have not been honest. But the vast majority of us are honest for two basic reasons:• It’s the right thing to do.• Credibility in this business is everything, so we strive to always be fair and honest. (Check our website now to see how many commenters are weighing in on this point!)I was thinking about this after I received a call from the Junior Joy Team. It’s a cool organization that promotes the concept that you create a better community by spreading joy, optimism and inspiration.Michele Larsen heads the Junior Joy Team and she was looking for someone to speak to Hough Elementary pupils about … honesty.Oh I’m sure there are other professions out there that could speak on this issue. But with big business being — well — big business and with politicians being — well — politicians, I received the call.I actually enjoy speaking to students so I jumped at the chance.I hopped over to Hough.Before speaking I had an opportunity to observe virtually every child and teacher at the assembly. And I have to say, they looked like a very honest bunch. Equally important, the teachers seemed focused and the children seemed behaved and engaged. I was impressed.last_img read more

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